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January 22, 2010


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Liz Smith

Congrats to you! Way to go - your designs are always gorgeous!

Kathy L

HOORAY!!! They released it!!!
I can't imagine anyone not thinking it's beautiful. I need some ASAP.
If I could bring any of my ideas to life, it would be to just be creative all day and make a living doing it instead of going to work in an office every day.

Kirsten W

Congrats, it looks beautiful!
My dream would be to have a successful Etsy shop that would give me the opportunity to create things and help support my craft supply buying habit. :)


Congrats! It's gorgeous! My idea would be to open a no kill animal shelter that never turns anyone away...

Shelley Haganman

I am so happy for you! This IS so you and I love it! Mine would be to expand my photography skills and business!


Congrats, this line is my absolute favorite NEW Release . . . Gorgeous in every way! :)


GIRL....this line SSSSSOOOOOO ROCKS!!! It was my fave to work with!!! What an honor!!! I loved the border strips....espec the butterflies...they were fun to fold and add to the page.....A BIG THANK YOU for creating such a PHENOM line!!!

D Seuferer

This is awesome! "Unwritten" takes scrapping to the next level - graphic journaling; an excellent way to document your life including loved ones and all things cherished. The colors, patterns and choice of accessories are a fresh work of art. Congrats Robyn! Well done!

Laura Cox

What a beautiful line! I think the colors are truly exciting and inspiring! I would love to provide a getaway for busy, frazzled moms. It's so hard to get "me" time--a place where they could enjoy quiet gardens, scrapbooking or craft time, spa time, read, reflect, enjoy girl time, nature time--a true restful, rejuvenating retreat! There would be no schedules, no pressure, just time for what THEY wanted to do!!

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